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Three of the four to be precise. June, July and August. The first of this years run was a little informal get-together at Chuck E Cheese’s. (I’m not a big fan but the kids love it.)

The Taylors

June 23, 2007

This was our second opportunity to shoot at Central Park in Frisco. This park is great for family shots and the Taylors were an awesome bunch to photograph!

Engagement Spiders

June 10, 2007

OK, so let me start this off by saying, I do not get along with spiders. Never have, never will. So, this evening we were shooting an engagement session at Davis Park in Highland Park. Very nice weather, starting to get a little warm and it was a little muggy out from the rain earlier this morning. Anyway, being the uber-observant individual that I am, I walk right through a massive spider web. This big girl had her web strewn out across a stone bridge and it had my name all over it. After walking through it I kept going while pulling web off of me and my cameras. I kept feeling things on my skin, most of which were the chills that walking through a web gives you but then I felt what must have been more web on my left arm, looking down there was a rather large (nickel size) species of spider that I immediately flicked off and promptly began to stomp into oblivion. After doing some research I’m guessing that this big girl was some type of genus Aranea (supposedly common house spider). Anyway, I continue on and finish up that segment of the shoot. Next thing I know I hear a scream and the B&G to be calling me for a photo-op. Well guess, what. This big guy (or girl) was hanging out on some stone steps.

I’m done with spiders for a while, I really am. Ever see a big bald linebacker size fellow scream like a girl…well just throw a spider at me and you will! 😮

Photo of the Month

June 9, 2007

We thought it would be fun to add our favorite shot from the past month’s sessions. This month was so hard because we had so many great shots to choose from. After much deliberation we present you with this month’s photo…..

Is it…or isn’t it?

June 3, 2007

Being a photographer I often get the opportunity to get shots of interesting people. Could this be Santa Claus? You decide. 😉


Once again I had the honor of providing coverage for a Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer event. This event is an annual afternoon retreat in which all of the organizations current and previous Ambassadors are invited to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fun. This year’s event was held at a private ranch in McKinney, TX. The photo of the first horse below was taken shortly after it had been rolling around in the mud. Who said horses can’t have any fun!

For more information about Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer, their mission, their organization and the Ambassador program or if you would like to help please visit their website.

Muddy Horse

Will you?

June 1, 2007

Being in the wedding business you get to see and hear about all of the unique ways couples get engaged. This however is one that I have yet to hear about. I ran across this the other day when I was in a hurry to grab a quick bite for lunch. I’m curious if anyone has ever used one of these for the purpose of getting engaged.