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Stacey & Troy Engagement

July 25, 2007

The Arboretum was a great location for this couple’s engagement photos. Looking forward to photographing their wedding.




Summer Vacation

July 25, 2007

Well, we survived our 9 day vacation with four kids… 🙂

We left Monday, July 16 (about 5 hours later than we expected) for an eight-hour drive to Port Aransas to meet up with family at the beach. The house we rented had a pool in the backyard so the kids got to swim a lot. We went to the beach almost every day and the kids loved it!!! The big kids got to boogie-board and the waves were really good… our two year old absolutely loved the beach. He would get up in the morning and take his clothes off and put his swimsuit on and yell, “BEACH, BEACH, SWIMMING!”

We spent the week at the beach house and then headed to San Antonio on Saturday, July 21. We got up Sunday morning for Sea World. That turned out to be a challenge, two babies without naps, two big kids who whined just as much as the babies, HOT sun, cranky parents…and we had two day passes! ha…

Day two at Sea World was a hundred times better…perhaps from the exhaustion of the first day everyone got a decent nights sleep but day two really was much better. 🙂

On our last day in San Antonio we stopped by the Alamo, enjoyed a bit of Texas history and then headed home.






Lauren & E

July 15, 2007

This was an amazing wedding, not to mention our first Greek Orthodox wedding. The church was spectacular and the reception was a ton of fun. This is what happens when you combine a Greek family with an Italian family. We had an absolute blast shooting this wedding and from watching the bride and groom as well as the guests, they did too!





Photo of the Month

July 9, 2007

Once again it’s that time. This month we picked one of my favorites. Peyton was just sitting in her dad’s lap when I caught this shot.


Baby Tessa

July 8, 2007

Well, we were very proud of ourselves for getting a baby to actually sleep while naked. Erika (Tessa’s mom) did a great job providing props for the photo shoot… from the laundry basket to the hydrangea flowers (my favorite)… we had a great time and Matt got some really cool shots.