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Kevin & Landy

November 23, 2007

I’m definitely a dog lover and I have to say that out of all of the dogs I have worked with both as a photographer and not, these two are some of the most well behaved Rot’s I’ve ever met. Kevin & Landy are quite fortunate to have such a well mannered pair of pups!

Rachel & Sam Engagements

November 21, 2007

Even though we’re not going to be able to do Rachel & Sam’s wedding it was great to be able to do some engagement shots for them.

Leslie & David

November 18, 2007

Leslie & David’s wedding was a very small intimate ceremony and reception at the Northeast Wedding Chapel in Hurst.

Annie & Tung’s Wedding

November 17, 2007

This wedding was highly anticipated. It was the largest we have done thus far with a wedding party of 20 people and more than 300 guests after it was all said and done. We had so much fun working with this couple and their wedding was definitely high on the fun list as well. When we first met with them Tung had an idea of using a motorcycle with a side car as their get-away vehicle after the reception. We were so excited about that and couldn’t wait to see what he would come up with. As it turned out he found something much cooler, a vintage BMW Isetta 300!! I love vintage BMW’s and this one takes the cake!

Christine & Beau’s Wedding

November 11, 2007

Christine and Beau had a unique plan for their wedding. We shot the wedding ceremony today and we will shoot their reception in a couple of weeks. Splitting the two events up was done to accommodate a scheduling necessity and honestly it worked out pretty good. There ceremony was a small intimate affair near old downtown Plano and we did photos afterwards with everyone at a park right next to old downtown Plano.

Photo of the Month

November 9, 2007

This month’s shot was one that turned out to be just plain funny. While shooting Kari & Rodney’s engagements at the old McKinney Cotton Mill I asked the two of them to look out this old foggy window. What I failed to mention was that they both needed to look at the same thing. In doing so we ended up with this neat shot. The two of them were definitely looking out the window but, they were definitely looking at different things. Makes for a good “Note to Self”. 😀

The Bells

November 3, 2007

Here’s a spot that we’ve never shot before. It was at Chestnut Square near old downtown McKinney. I have driven by there countless times but not once did I know that it existed. Leave it to a local to find a great spot for some family portraits of a very lively bunch.