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Kimberly & Bobby Engagements

February 24, 2008

We shot Kimberly & Bobby at Frisco’s Central Park. We’ve done portraits there a few times before and it was great. This time we had to work around the fact that the creek & fountains were not running. The entire creek bed was dry and the great waterfalls at the end of the creek were non-existent. Didn’t matter though, we still got some great shots.


February 23, 2008

This little cutie was great to work with. I will have to admit I was light challenged on this shoot. For some reason I was just having an off day and couldn’t get my lighting just the way I wanted it the entire shoot. Combine that with a strobe that just wasn’t recycling fast enough despite fresh batteries and I was tempted to just reschedule. But, despite all that I had to take advantage of Sonali’s good mood and charm so there was no way I was going to put my camera down just yet. We had a couple of breaks for wardrobe changes and meals, models do have to eat you know. 😉 At one wardrobe change Deepa & Amish (mom & dad) put her in this one outfit that was a onesie with “Made in America with Indian Parts” printed on the front of it. I couldn’t stop laughing…that was the neatest idea I have seen in a long time, I love it! One of these days I have a feeling that image will appear at Sonali’s wedding. It’s just a classic.

Drew’s 16th

February 10, 2008

Drew’s mom wanted some shots of her son at 16. We worked with Pam and it was decided that we would do these shots in Addison. We had done “teen” shots before in Addison at and around the Addison Circle Park area and I have to say…it really is a good locale for this type of portrait. There is plenty to choose from as far as backdrops go and there is usually enough shade during the day so you can pretty much shoot any time. It’s still better light in the late afternoon or really early morning but it’s workable. Drew played along and was very patient as we tried quite a few spots around the area.

Photo of the Month

February 9, 2008

I am sure by now that you are tired of hearing me say how difficult it is to pick the Photo of the Month. It really is more difficult than it seems. However, this month’s was pretty straight forward for me. I picked this image one, because it was shot at one of my favorite spots at the Arboretum. This tree lined walk is such a classic. Secondly, the morning when we did the shoot for the Meredith’s Valentine’s Day pictures it was pretty chilly and there was a fog or a mist in the air. The combination of the weather, shooting wide open and this tree lined walk with the family in this placement made for such a classic shot.

Rebecca & Jacob Engagements

February 9, 2008

Talk about a fun couple! We had a blast shooting Rebecca & Jacob. This is a couple that works so well together. There wasn’t a lot of direction from me on how they should interact which to me is perfect. The better two individuals interact and the more comfortable they are with each other makes the resulting images more sincere and natural. Rebecca has the type of face that is just a natural and is great both smiling and not. These two have a lifetime of laughs ahead of them.