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The Hergets

June 21, 2008

We shot the Hergets at Central Park in Frisco which has quickly become one of the many favorite spots for family shots. It’s close, rarely packed and offers a great backdrop for a quick family or individual session. The Hergets is one of those families that didn’t require a lot of posing, they work so well together and the kids are great! They love being in front of the camera.

Photo of the Month

June 9, 2008

This month’s Photo of the Month was a hands down winner. It comes from Rebecca’s bridal session that we did in downtown Grapevine. Here’s the back-story, when we pulled up to this one spot there were a group of guys that had their Harley’s parked close to where we were going to shoot. There was also a classic car. While shooting with the classic car we thought it would be cool to see if the guys would mind us using their Harleys as a backdrop as well. Not only did they say ok they said, “Sit on it!” So Rebecca did. Some of the best photographic moments come out of unplanned, unposed situations like these. The group of guys were awesome for letting us borrow their rides and Rebecca was the perfect model for the situation. Her looks and fun loving, do anything attitude made it work, and work very well.

Cindy Bridals

June 7, 2008

Rebecca & Jacob

June 6, 2008

We had been waiting for this wedding. When we did Rebecca & Jacob’s engagements and then Rebecca’s bridals we had a blast so we knew the wedding was going to be a lot of fun and it definitely was! An outdoor wedding in Texas is a rarity given our sweltering heat but this one was graced with awesome weather. Was warm but not “face of the sun” hot. Everyone looked like they had a great time.

Even though we weren’t going to be able to shoot Elizabeth & Greg’s wedding we were able to do their engagement shots. What fun, we started at the head of the line for the historic McKinney Avenue Trolly and rode it all the way downtown, did some shooting around the Dallas Museum of Art and then rode back shooting the entire time. We had a blast.