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Megan & Marcelo

July 26, 2008

When Megan asked if we could shoot her wedding we didn’t hesitate. It was her sister Kelly that really made me start to think about getting back into photography. This happened when at Kelly’s wedding the photographers that she had hired in Atlanta packed up their gear and walked out because they had reached the end of their time limit. I shot the remainder of that wedding for them with the only camera I had on me at the time, a Canon point and shoot. I have Kelly and by proxy her sister Megan to thank for giving me the motivation to do what those photographers couldn’t do, shoot weddings as a human with respect and understanding for the bride, groom, family and friends. It’s more than just a business, it’s a life long relationship. We had a great time and judging by many of the shots of this wedding it looks like everyone had fun.

The Stone Family

July 20, 2008


July 12, 2008

It’s always great to see kids growing up. We shot Avery’s sister Tessa shortly after she was born and have been doing the family shots ever since. It will be great to watch these two grow.

Photo of the Month

July 9, 2008

This month’s Photo of the Month comes in the form of two little pirates that had a pirate birthday party, complete with hidden treasures, treasure maps and a scavenger hunt! Super Fun!

Cindy & Dave

July 6, 2008


July 5, 2008

While my cousin was in town we decided to do a quick shoot with her daughter, Isabella. This little bundle was always moving which made shooting difficult but definitely a blast.