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Kim & Ryan

September 28, 2008

Ever since we shot Kim & Ryan’s engagements we couldn’t wait until the wedding. These two are just so much fun to be around. The wedding did not disappoint, it was an absolute blast. Their guests were great and everyone had a great time. The last image in this set was a wedding guest who attempted to do a backflip on the dance floor. It’s an awesome shot. The end result however, didn’t turn out as well. He didn’t plant his landing. 😮 But, he was ok and only had a scratch, possibly a headache the next morning but he still had a great time and along with all of the other guests. We couldn’t have asked for a more friendly, welcoming group of people to be around. Thanks Kim & Ryan for allowing us to capture your very special day!


September 13, 2008

This family shoot was a lot of fun and also a source of pride. Michael is a US Marine just back from Iraq and him and his wife and daughter are being stationed in Norfolk so they have to pack up and move very soon. This was the last chance we had to get a shoot in with the entire family.

Semper Fi

Photo of the Month

September 9, 2008

This month’s photo comes from Ashley & Jacob’s wedding. This was an image I got right before everyone headed to the reception. It stuck in my mind and I think the combination of the colors combined with the subtlety of the bride and groom being beyond focus in the background made for a striking, memorable image.