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With the weather finally getting everyone outside, now is the time to get your portraits done. Whether it’s silly portraits for April Fools Day, fancy portraits for Easter, serious portraits for Tax Day or you in your best earth friendly duds for Earth day we can do them all.

Have a wedding coming up or know of someone that does? Maybe you or someone you know just got engaged on St. Patty’s Day! (Wouldn’t that be fun!) Let them know and let us know. We would love to shoot your wedding!

Call (214) 394-6315 or email to schedule your sessions now.

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Rylan’s Newborn Photos

March 16, 2009

We love photographing this family! Our first session was two years ago when we photographed Rylan’s big sister, Sydney, as a newborn (Sydney is so grown-up with her cute blond pigtails! Mom did a great job keeping Sydney pre-occupied with lots of marshmallows for this session. 🙂 Rylan was such a trooper. She pretty much let us put her in any position (including a basket!) and never even fussed. We had so much fun visiting and capturing some fun family shots. Ella (the oldest) gave us a hard time with her “fake” smile, but watching mom and dad reenact the smile made us giggle… (they begged us not to include it online… oops, sorry! It is too funny not to include.)