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Melanie’s Bridals

November 27, 2009

Without a doubt, we always have so much fun with bridals. We always allow AT LEAST twice as much time for our bridal sessions than we do for our portrait sessions. Not only because it’s a little more difficult to move around in a wedding dress but also we end up running across awesome locations to shoot. This time we have to express our extreme gratitude to Keller Williams Realty in McKinney for the impromptu use of their amazing and beautiful Adriatica office as one of our backdrops!

Cindy Bridals

June 7, 2008

Rebecca’s Bridals

May 10, 2008

We had such a blast shooting Rebecca’s bridals in downtown Grapevine. We ran across a great bunch of guys that couldn’t help but let a gorgeous redhead use one of their Harleys as a backdrop. They were great and the shots that resulted were awesome as well. After seeing how they turned out I need to shoot red heads and motorcycles more often. 😉 Just about every spot we went to in Downtown Grapevine we got great shots. Rebecca is one of those brides that just looks great no matter what. Jacob has quite a catch and the two of them together make for an awesome pair.

Amanda Bridals

April 19, 2008

Kari’s Bridals

April 13, 2008

We did Kari’s bridal session at the Hickory Street Annex. This was the first time that we have shot at this location and we loved it. It has the combination of rustic and eclectic charm. It tied in quite nicely to the rustic look and feel of the McKinney Cotton Mill where we did Kari & Rodney’s engagements and where their reception will be.

Shannon’s Bridals

August 18, 2007

Ok, so you didn’t see this post before? Why? Because it wasn’t here. Since these were Shannon’s bridal portraits we couldn’t have Brett having an early peek at his beautiful bride now could we?

We did Shannon’s bridals on July 28th at the Arboretum and it was a little bit warmer than we had hoped. Despite the spike in the mercury the day was perfect. Clear skies, and good clouds for some of the shots and we didn’t have to fight for too many spots. Shannon’s sister Heather was awesome and being a photographer herself brought a ton of great ideas. Some of the great shots are due to her inspiration. Thanks Heather!