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Teen Birthday Glamor Shoot

February 5, 2010

We had so much fun with this one. The girls started off not really sure about the camera but you could tell that after a while they weren’t too worried about it and just had a good time. It was a birthday present for a 13 year old and we gathered wigs and props for a few weeks before and when it was all said and done they used almost all of them.

You can view the slideshow here.

Photo of the Month

July 9, 2008

This month’s Photo of the Month comes in the form of two little pirates that had a pirate birthday party, complete with hidden treasures, treasure maps and a scavenger hunt! Super Fun!

Three of the four to be precise. June, July and August. The first of this years run was a little informal get-together at Chuck E Cheese’s. (I’m not a big fan but the kids love it.)